Where do you ship?
We currently only ship to North America (US, Canada, Mexico). We know this stinks, EU folks. VAT is a PITA.

What is AOK?
AOK is an online pop-up shop by Frank Chimero that sells t-shirts with his little drawings on them. It exists because a few people asked for it. Blame them.

What is a pop-up shop?
A pop-up shop is when you want to sell something but don’t want to commit to selling it for a long time or making it “a thing.”

What if everything isn’t AOK?
But what if AOK is the friends we made along the way?

Will you ever sell shirts that aren’t black or white?
What the hell kind of place does this look like?

What’s the deal with the turtles?
We have a lot to learn from our shelled buddies, and the world would be better if more of us lived like them: they take their time, eat mostly vegetables, love unconditionally, and never leave the house. Sounds reasonable to me.